Commodity E-Voucher

Quick To Setup

The commodity e-vouchers programme can be designed, and deployed within 7 days

Supports the implementation of 22 or 88 wallets & Can be scaled up at short notice

Simple visual sales baskets that can be customised and updated at the click of a button.

Safe and secure transactions that cannot be duplicated even in an offline environment.

Commodity Paper Voucher

Paper vouchers come with nine security features

Vouchers are fully customisable.

Vouchers can be used for both unconditional or conditional cash programs including; individual commodities such as Fuel or food, or for pre-defined sales baskets.

All paper vouchers are tracked using barcodes and can be monitored remotely using the ONEplatform.

Once the paper vouchers have been collected from the vendors, a barcode scanner checks that the vouchers are original and then reconciles them against the ONEplatform voucher list.

Cash Distributions

The ONEsolution support multiple methods of Cash Transfer Programming through numerous modalities including informal Hawala systems, Direct Bank Integrations and Pre-paid cards.

Distribution Lists and Barcode

This method is quick and easy to implement with each beneficiary being assigned two unique barcodes, one for their profile and one as a proxy distribution voucher.


Using the ONEcard beneficiaries are topped up with a cash value which can be redeemed from specified Bank Agents or Vendors – This solution is ideal for regular cash top-ups.

Paper Vouchers

The vouchers can be printed on A4 paper using an office printer and include 9 security features. The vouchers can be redeemed using barcode readers at designated vendors.

Pre-Paid Card's

Can be loaded with up to €2,500 annually and utilised in contexts that have working financial infrastructure enabling POS and ATM services.

Mobile Money

Directly integrated into Mobile Network service provider’s infrastructure and utilising bulk SMS messaging; this provides a simple and effective methodology that many countries have already established within their current economic infrastructure.

Cash Tranches & Verification

In instances where NGO’s distribute cash tranches that are conditional on specific criteria the ONEapp has a specially designed Photo verification feature. For example, for a Shelter re-construction grant that will be disbursed in tranches conditional on specific works being completed the NGO can send an engineer into the field with the ONEapp who can photograph the completed works, which is Geo-tagged for fraud prevention – the subsequent top-up can be loaded to the beneficiaries ONEcard remotely upon confirmation from a Programme Manager that the works have been verified.

Cash For Work

Using the Cash For Work features allows NGO’s to remotely monitor CfW activities at multiple sites from the ONEplatform.

Multiple salary parameters can be set for full days and half days or skilled and unskilled labour.

Field Staff use the ONEapp to register every entry and exit from each specific work site with a geo-tagged photograph of the beneficiary.

Field staff also utilise the “site progression” feature in the ONEapp to photograph the progress of the work for added verification and assist with indicator analysis.

Each beneficiary profile in the ONEplatform has a simple to use calendar where any mistakes can be amended and verification of the data can be made.

Pre-Paid Cards

Responding to the European refugee crisis (2015) the ONEplatform now supports pre-paid cards.

The Cards can be loaded or regularly topped up to a upper limit of €2,500 annually.

Only very limited KYC (know your customer) data is needed, allowing for quick and easy card registration using the ONEapp.

Transactions can be tracked without breaching data protection protocols. Giving NGO’s headline information on where transactions are occurring and the value of those transactions.

SMS Mobile Money

The ONEsolution can either be integrated into the existing Mobile Money service provider networks or used within a closed loop system to provide virtual credits that can be redeemed for cash at designated agents.

Transactions can be tracked without breaching data protection protocols. Giving NGO’s headline information on transaction types – Money transfers to other Mobile money uses, Cash Withdrawals or Bill Payments.

SMS mobile money is supported by any mobile phone that has an active sim card.

In-Kind Distributions

The ONEplatform allows NGO’s to distribute Food and/or NFI kits.

These can be assigned to either a paper voucher or a ONEcard for easy distribution and reconciliation.

The ONEplatform has the capability to track In-Kind goods from suppliers all the way to distributions, through the use of barcodes and the ONEapp.