The ONEvoucher is a paper based commodity or cash voucher that comes with full tracking and monitoring capabilities. With 9 security features and the voucher scanner for quick and secure reconciliation it’s the ideal solution for for voucher based programming.

Within the ONEplatform the vouchers are stored as stock so the barcodes are unable to be used until they voucher has been assigned to a beneficiary. Once delivered to the beneficiary they can been redeemed at participating vendors for un-conditional purchases or predetermined sales baskets.

Once the vouchers have been collected from the vendors they can be automatically reconciled by using the paper voucher scanner which checks to ensure that the vouchers are originals and then reconciles against the vouchers that show as redeemed in the ONEplatform.

In a country office where you have multiple donors and/or grants that are utilising paper vouchers, the organisation can manage this from a single stock of vouchers by simply assigning them in batches to the various donors or grants in the activity section of the ONEplatform.