RedRose Sample Training Schedule

Day 1 & Day 2

- Program Introduction & Platform Training;

Day one and two of the training aim to set up the ONEplatform, familiarise key capital office staff and train field staff in relevant functions of the system.

This initial training will cover – ONEplatform functionality, including additional on-site customization, Introduction to ONEapp and user functionality.

Field staff will be training in specific functions that they will need to operate during the day to day implementation of the programme. In addition, this will include significant practice time within a demo environment. Initial practice to become familiar with the functionality of the ONEapp is key for programme success.

This first section of the training will have covered the following by the end of day two:

  • Key capital office staff (programme's and finance) trained from end to end of the ONEplatform and ONEapp
  • Field staff training in specific user functions of the ONEapp
  • Headwear set-up and key troubleshooting messages.

Day 3

On day three, the details of the final programme will be checked and set up including:

  • Beneficiary lists and groups
  • Sales baskets and vendor profiles
  • Setting up of android devices, including SureLock
  • Card printing

Day 4

Day four of the training will bring together vendors or bank agents for ONEapp training. During this day cards can be distributed by the Organisation for transactions to begin on day five.

Key elements of day four:

  • Training of vendors and agents
  • Finalising of ONEplatform market information, sales baskets.
  • Topping up of cards
  • Synchronizing devices for first transactions.

Day 5

Final day of training will see the first transaction and payment to vendors being made. RedRose technicians will travel to the field locations (security permitting) to assist in first transactions with vendors.

At the end of the day all devices, either using mobile connectivity or p2p will be synchronized to the ONEplatform payment request created and vendors paid for the first day of transactions.

Key elements of Day 5:

  • Deployment to field locations
  • First transactions complete
  • First Syncronisation complete
  • First payments to vendors complete


For this rapid 5-day training deployment all beneficiary data must be organized and submitted to RedRose in advance.

Red Rose technicans are only permitted to travel to locations cleared for International Staff travel.