As our partners re-think operations to protect the health of beneficiaries and staff, RedRose is listening and working to provide enhanced and new solutions. We set up a Task Force to focus on the new challenges presented by the pandemic and ensure readiness for the changing operational environments affecting program management. Here is a look at what we are doing.

Enhancing Our Technology

  • New contactless payment or cash-out solutions that enable social distancing
  • Integrations with mobile operators for multi-purpose communications
  • Integrations with Financial Service Providers including Mobile Money
  • Expanding support for Commodity tracking

Expanding Our Capabilities

Cash and voucher assistance (CVA) is becoming a core component across humanitarian sectors. As such, RedRose is providing more support for assistance programs beyond livelihoods and basic needs. We are ready to support partner programs in Health, Education, Protection, and more.

Supporting Partners By

  • Rapidly designing and deploying for bespoke social protection programs
  • Enhancing remote training for distributed teams and COVID-19 protocols
  • Set up of Multi-purpose cash transfers and other modalities to meet basic needs for vulnerable households 
  • Integrating staff attendance and payroll for better remote management
  • Turning on text messaging for communication about changing services to affected populations

Our staff and our systems are adapted for remote management and we continue our commitment to 7-day-a-week support through our Skype and email channels. We are ready to support modification and scale-up of current programs as well as listen to your unique needs.

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