“Secure Sockets Layer” is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically a web server (website) and a browser.

Encrypted Database

All databases within The RedRose System are encrypted, converting plain text format into ambigous cipher text using algorithms.

Isolated Mission Data Protection

Where an NGO has multiple country programmes or mission’s, data is stored separately to ensure maximum level of data security.

PIN & Biometric Authorizations

The ONEapp supports all levels of authorisations from PIN numbers to finger print or iris scanners and official government document scanning.

Mobile Device Management

Android devices are locked so are only able to function using the ONEapp and specific settings to prevent alternative usage i.e. phone calls and internet browsing.

User Management

All users within the ONEplatform are fully customisable with restricted, read only and action access to different platform features to ensure complete separation of duties throughout the ONEsolution.

Works Offline

Offline Capability

The ONEsystem is designed to fully operate offline, allowing it to be used where there is no communication infrastructure available.

Automated Background Sync

The ONEapp automatically and continually synchronizes to the ONEplatform, even in environments with unstable mobile connections, real time data will still be available to programme managers.

Peer-to-Peer Sync

In environments where there is no connectivity peer-2-peer (p2p) synchronisation allows data to be pulled and pushed to field staff and vendor devices to ensure programmes remain relevant.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Beneficiary Dashboard

KPI’s including; age, gender, location, transaction type and frequency or any data field from the beneficiary profile can all be analysed individually or in groups for comprehensive and interactive analysis.

Vendor Dashboard

KPI’s including; daily transactions, transaction values, daily redemptions, location or any data field from the beneficiary profile can all be analysed individually or in group for comprehensive and interactive analysis.

Transactions Dashboard

KPI’s that combine vendor and beneficiary perspectives to analyse market activity including, daily transaction levels, active vendors, unique beneficiaries, transaction type, fund sources and regional variations for comprehensive and interactive analysis.

Market Dashboard

KPI’s that detail beneficiary product preference to analyse market activity including, product popularity, regional variations of product selection, product popularity by gender and age and transaction type for comprehensive and interactive analysis.

Cash For Work Dashboard

Showing core information relating to Cash for Work projects including, Work site progression and beneficiary attendance data and beneficiary earnings.

Custom Dashboards

All of the dashboards can be fully customised to visualise the impact the NGO is having throughout their programme. In addition, the visuals can be matched to the indicators that have been specified in the NGO’s programme log frames ensuring that targets are being reached and programmes remain fit for purpose.

Beneficiary Management


The ONEplatform is capable of bulk beneficiary registration or using the ONEapp, for single on-site registration with flexible and customisable data fields.

Vulnerability Assessment

NGO vulnerability criteria can be applied to the collected beneficiary assessment data to ensure that NGO’s are reaching people most in need.

Flexible Data Fields

Beneficiary information is customised to each NGO’s requirements holding as much information as required.

Data Import

All beneficiary data can be bulk imported from any digital format (Excel, ODK, iFormsBuilder, XML, JSON, LMMS, KOBO, CSV and COMMCARE etc.)

Filtering / Grouping

Beneficiaries, once registered, can be divided and managed in easy to use groups. They can also be filtered allowing for targeting and distributing to different groups, for example by Household size.

Continual Beneficiary Analysis

The ONEplatform will continually assess beneficiary information to ensure that vulnerability criteria is being met, e.g. targeting household’s with children <24 months, the system will check DOB and notify the NGO when a Household is no longer eligible.

Customised Surveys

Survey and assessment forms can be either linked from external sources or custom designed and imported directly into the ONEplatform.

Group SMS Messaging

From the ONEplatform NGO’s can bulk SMS beneficiaries so they have up to date information about on going programme activities and notifications about top-ups and distributions.

Accountability & Transparency

NGO’s can track any form of assistance given to each beneficiary via the beneficiary profile including, e-Cash, Cash, In-Kind commodities, Paper vouchers, Child vaccination tracking etc includes details of purchase, time, date and location


An integrated complaints system, with an optional SMS hotline, allows beneficiaries and vendors to provide real time feedback on all core issues. These can be tracked and managed via the ONEplatform.

Attendance Tracking

NGO’s can track attendance using the Attendance Tracking feature, for example, a beneficiary’s attendance at a work sites, training events, Child Friendly Space’s, with photographs, time & dates stamps and GPS coordinates.

Programme Management

Remote Management

The ONEsolution is designed to be managed remotely; including topping up of beneficiary cards, remote distributions, M&E data analysi, complaint management and also market monitoring.

Multiple Programmes

The ONEsolution can be used to manage multiple donors, grants and programmes of different modalities all from a single platform using multiple wallets on a smart card.

Scheduled Reports

Regular, customised, auto populated reports can be generated to meet internal, coordination and donor requirements.

Automated Programme Schedules

For regular top-up payments to beneficiaries, an automatic payment schedule can be managed with integrated SMS notifications.

Financial Management

Donor & Grants

Donor and Grant information is uploaded onto the system to allow finance teams to quickly reference and track grants and budget lines against financial requests.

Spending Limits

Spending limits can be set for specific budget lines with protected passwords to ensure against overspends within grants.

Allocations & Disbursements

All budget allocations and disbursements of funds to beneficiaries are controlled by unique individual user accounts inline with an organisations financial approval matrix.

Segregation of Duty

Requests and approvals related to financial matters are linked to specific user accounts and passwords and can be aligned with the NGO’s financial approval matrix.

Approval Notifications

Automatic email notifications can be linked to requests for actions. This can include finance teams in HQ offices, if required, in line with the NGO’s financial approval matrix.

Payment Tracking

All payments made within the ONEplatform are tracked and time & date stamped, they can also be exported into excel reports for easy reconciliation.

Customisable Receipts

All point of sale receipts can be fully customisable in any language and can include an NGO’s logo and any key messaging that they wish to pass onto beneficiaries.

Vendor Day Reports

Vendors and specific NGO users are able to print detailed and summarised daily reports which show all transactions for a given device and acts as a physical back-up in case of loss or stolen vendor device.

One Time Password

Added security to financial transactions can be done through utilising the SMS One-Time Password feature where a unique password is sent via SMS to the respective individual for one-off use.

Vendor Management


Vendors profiles are created by the NGO giving full range of information on each specific vendor, including Photographs and core information, name, address, phone number etc.


Vendors capacity and performance assessment data is integrated into the vendor management component of the ONEplatform to allow an NGO to continually assess performance and ensure that vendors are fit to participate in any given programme.

Audit Trail

Within the vendor profile all available commodities, previous transactions and payments and complaints are logged, time and date stamped and can be monitored remotely.

Filtering & Grouping

Vendors are placed in to relevant groups for example, this can be for payment schedules, geographical locations or commodity type.

Flexible Data Fields

All Vendor information is fully customisable and as much or as little information as requested by the NGO will be stored in the vendor profile.

Customised Surveys

Vendor capacity assessments and Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM’s) can be directly linked to the ONEplatform either using external applications embedded or original customised surveys directly placed within in the ONEapp.


All payments can be tracked with NGO specific budget codes and account templates, with all payment records available for export into excel reporting formats.

Market Monitoring


The ONEplatform has a built-in statistical market model, which enables calculation of real time data for continual M&E.

Market Price Monitoring

The Market price tools allow an NGO to monitor market prices and market share for manipulation, including top and bottom percentiles for further investigation, these can be built with custom ranges, as determined by the NGO.

Price Monitoring Surveys

Easily incorporated price monitoring tools – for ongoing market monitoring to ensure that markets are not being distorted and programmes are “doing no harm”.

Out-of-Range Warnings

Using parameters set by the NGO to highlight over and under priced goods being sold that need to be further investigated for market manipulation.

Manage Market Prices

Individual products can be assigned specific values or left to market prices, where using multiple wallets the system can utilise both scenarios in a single platform e.g. in an e-voucher allowing market prices to dictate commodity prices and for an in-kind distribution assigning the same item a specific value.

Multiple Units Per Product

ONEapp supports products having multiple sales units for example, beans can be sold by either mudu (local unit) or kilo’s.

Manage Commodity Baskets

From the ONEplatform NGO’s can quickly and easily manage the contents of a sales basket to ensure it is always relevant and fit for purpose.



Quantifiable Distribution and Post Distribution Monitoring tools and surveys can be incorporated into the system allowing for a single platform to manage end to end of the project life cycle.


From the beginning of the project life cycle NGO field assessment, vendor capacity assessments, minimum expenditure baskets (MEB) and others can be incorporated to allow for a single management platform for the project life cycle.

Custom Surveys

All assessment and monitoring tools and surveys are fully customisable as per the request of the NGO.

Global Dashboard

Global Level

Allows for a Global overview of an NGO’s programmes around the world that are utilising the RedRose ONEsolution.

Country Level

Allows a country office to see an overview of multiple RedRose programmes past and present that are active within a country office.

Programme Level

Allows for a comprehensive overview at individual programme level giving key figures, as requested by the NGO.

Multi Wallets

The ONEcard allows for up to 22 or 88 different wallets to be utilised for different programmes – allowing beneficiaries who are caught by more than one programme to use a single modality keeping programmes simple and fit for purpose.

Currency Wallet

Each wallet can handle its own currency profile, for example for commodity e-vouchers being used in a local currency while in-kind distributions are calculated in the donor currency or that of the purchasing contract.

Item Values

Each wallet can hold quantities without any currency value, which allows top-ups of in-kind items or kits.

Multi Donor & Grant Tracking


Ensuring adequate financial tracking, multiple Donors can be uploaded into the system.


Single Donor profiles can support multiple grants within the system ensuring accurate spending tracking.


Activities can be supported by single or multiple donors and Grants can support multiple activities ensuring that overspend is never a problem.


All financial reporting relating to either grant or activity spending can be generated at the click of a button.

User Friendly

Color & Numbers as PIN Numbers

As numeric PIN numbers are not always appropriate, the ONEapp also supports Colour and Picture PIN’s for contextually appropriate responses.

Vendor Login Cards

Vendors can be issued with personal login cards to avoid complicated login and password combinations.

Voice Over

The ONEapp can support Voice Over where printed information is not contextually appropriate for the target beneficiary group.

Complaint Management

Complaint Registration

Fully integrated complaints system allows for complaint registration with customised categorising, ownership and severity levels.

SMS Hotline

The complaints systems is utilised through a SMS hotline number ensuring that beneficiaries can easily log issues and complaints supported by the remote management platform.

Issue Tracking

Allows continual updating of issues to ensure they are followed up and resolved in a timely manner.

Data Import & Export

Excel Export

All data, reports, distribution lists and KPI analysis can be exported to Excel for easy reporting to Donor’s, Cluster and HQ offices.

Excel Import

All beneficiary information and manually collected data can be in imported from Excel to ensure the ONEsystem is always up to date.

3rd Party Tools

Tools such as ODK or Bank integration can be integrated and uploaded into the ONEsystem for simple single platform management.

Attendance Tracking

Attendance Location Management

Using GPS coordinates attendance to either a Cash For Work (CfW) programmes or Child Friendly Space’s (CFS) can be logged and remotely monitored.

Attendance Management

Optional photographic attendance can be captured on entry and exit from CfW or CFS programme sites – within the ONEplatform there is an easy to use calendar management system that enables modification in the event that some information is missed by the NGO.

Fraud Prevention

The use of Photographic and Geo-tagged verification ensures that correct people and locations are being registered preventing fraudulent data entry to the ONEsystem.

Device Management

Online & Offline Devices

Devices do not require a connection to be able to perform programme functions and can fully operate in an offline environment without the need for retrospective manual online data entry.

Automatic Updates

Software updates are automatically pushed to devices to ensure that the most up to date versions are in use at all times, ensuring optimal ONEapp performance.

3rd Party Integrations

ISO Core Banking Compliant

The ONEsystem can be integrated easily with ISO 8583 core banking system to allow for automatic payments from NGO’s bank accounts to either Bank Holding or vendor accounts.


Allows for the integration of two separate platforms to eliminate the need for parallel systems. For example, integration between a Core Banking system and the RedRose ONEsystem for automatic payments.

Accounting Systems

The ONEsystem can be integrated with an NGO’s financial systems for example, Agresso, so to not have parallel management platforms.

Vendor Interface


Simple to use picture based Sales baskets that can be remotely managed by the NGO for simple, quick and efficient sales.

Card Status

Allows a vendor or bank agent to easily check the balance on a beneficiary’s card to ensure they have sufficient funds available for the required transaction.


Fast distributions of either commodities or cash can be utilised to increase efficiency, especially where high volumes of transaction are being completed.

Sales History

Allows a vendor or bank agent to print hard copy transaction records for each day and allows reprinting of individual transaction summaries in case of lost receipts.